Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My name is Carl Justesen.  I have a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis and have been on disability since 2003.  I thought I might create a blog in order to inform people who suffer from A.S. on what some of the things I do to ease the pain of living with A.S. are.

First.  I make sure that I always wear a good pair of shoes.  I prefer New Balace running shoes.  I try to never go barefoot or walk around in slippers.

Second.  I insist on having a good bed.  After years of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress or an air mattress that kept going flat I broke down and bought myself a nice bed.  That was one of the smartest things I have ever done to ease my A.S.

Third.  Hot tubs.  Enough said.

Most important.  I take a lot of nutrients and vitamins aimed at easing my A.S.. Two years ago I was taking pain pills and anti-inflammatories daily.  This led to stomach problems, depression, and countless other health issues.  I was taking pills to offset the threat of diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides.  One day my wife seen that a gal in our town was making some money for selling Herbalife.  I thought I would try to get involved and maybe make ends meet a little easier.  Little did I know, that decision would change whole outlook on how to treat A.S.

When I first started taking Herbalife I aimed at losing weight, hoping that maybe losing 20lbs would alleviate some of the stress my joints were experiencing.  At the time I weighed 220lbs.  I Started with the Ultimate Program.  It worked worked very well for me.  I lost 30lbs in a month plus I saved money because it was cheaper to drink the shakes than to eat meals.  Also, it changed my outlook on other foods.  I found that junk food had lost its appeal.

After the weight loss worked so well I thought I should try to use some products aimed at painful, inflammed joints.  So, I started to take Herbalifeline, Joint Support, Tanq Kuei and Schizandra.  What a huge difference that made.  Not only was the majority of my pain and stiffness gone, but I found myself in the gym getting stronger and fitter.  My triglyceride count plummeted, my being on the verge of diabetes went away, my depression improved significantly if not completely, and people were taking notice to how well I was feeling and acting.  After 15 years of pain pills including morphine and oxycontin, and trying every anti-inflammatory you can think of, after 5 years of Humira injections and taking meds for all of the side affects of the drugs, I became 100% drug free.

I now live in much less pain being on the proper nutrients.  It is amazing to me because taking stuff that is good for me has had a bigger impact on pain than some of the more powerful pain killers on the market.  That being said, I have gone from becoming an Herbalife Distributor so I could make a buck or two, to remaining an Herbalife Distributor because I plan on being on it for the rest of my life.  It is so much better than the alternative.  Funny thing is, I spend a lot less on my nutrients than I did on prescriptions.  And while I can't compete in triathalons or enter tough man competitions, I will take the new life over the old anytime.